Tuesday, 30 September 2008

crack und ultra eczema

by far the best band ever since you died in a car crash is the stunningly fucking zashily named CRACK UND ULTRA ECZEMA. YES. YES. I WON.

yet another stupidly perfect band from the country le france, which has bike riding as a main sport or some shit.

noisy as the milkman in the morning when he's pissed and found out but a few hours beforehand that his bitch of a wife was cheating on him, and then started smashing all the milk bottles sequentially (WHILST CRYING), even if you dont love the noise like it was yr only dad, Crack Und come up with the universal goods in their toasty bliss package call-ed """"A Way to Enjoy!"""", which sounds like the kind of thing you could stack shampoo bottles on a windowsill to. consisting of eric le sauveur d'entre les morts, julie la pute, samir cheb samir, bisoubisou, the band really are worth their salt, with their post-clap yr hands say yeah whine-vox, gorgeous college grunge riffoons and songy song city!


Andrew ApplÉs

pasta time!

Saturday, 27 September 2008

////////////////// - \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

i'm still alive!

listen to Todd Rundgren.



Thursday, 18 September 2008

experimental wank

here tis my own brand piece on experimental WNak!

is experimental music good for us? studeis show dat no ----- it is really not. but then again, who fucking caresa GOD!

1st up is the v, lovely Maura.

Maura's music sounds like having an assault rifle next to your bed and trying to work out whether to use it. it's also dubbishly chilling, as in the song "busbewusst", the delay and oddness of the sounds becomes a capsule shell that you use to go insane whilst wearing normal clothes for round the house. it's gamelan symphonies gone to town to get stoned. also worth noting is her masterpiece of serial experimentation "ah ah oder was", which sounds like Wall-E's mum (who is a milf), fucking.

2nd up is the v, charming Tiebreak.

parisian Tiebreak are 1 1/2 Detect, and another half Laura Saglio, and what comes out is perfectly simulated by the biro monster head son at the top of the page ----- you completely hate it, yet feel you need to love it, to take care of it. "primitive electronic music" is pretty much where theyre at, but there's more to suck up than that, an explained dolphinness about them. "cool beans" is my favourite track, it's very loopy and happy.

3rd up is the v, pretty Gangpol & Mit.

Gangpol & Mit (some more lovely Frenchies) sound like J-Pop if it avoided every outsider influence its entire life, and sat in a pond. the sounds the boys squeeze out of their synths and god knows what else is so otherworldly and sweet it's as if you took a small unidentified mammal under your wing and grew to like its company, and you watched it every morning on the lawn. best track, probably the elegant "The only sure thing about luck"

4th up is the v, sexy Titmachine!

netherlandy Titmachine are one of Siltbreeze's latest pukes and i flipping enjoy them. of all the no wave bands i've heard in my years, there is no one that comes close to sheer Shaggs-esque poorness. they sound like they are trying to find exactly what you didn't want to hear every single second. it's fucking beautiful. check out ""Kakakai"

happy hunting!


love, Drew Breath x

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

~ { fleet foxes } ~

after hearing the crippling hype surrounding seattle's Fleet Foxxxxxxxxxxxes, (on sub pop) i checked them out (a year ago i believe señorita) and thought they were good, not for me, good good, not for me, not for me.

turns out they only are! unbelieveably lovely harmonies adorned with utterly cakeish Tiger Lily-esque baroque fudge and gorgeously shtuck forrest melodies. matured like old cabin oak on some lost canadian mountain range, is what they are. especially songs like English House and Mykonos, which i suggest you use hypem to find another blog that isn't to stingy to dish out the files (i can't work out how to link files on blogger) (bless). anyway, have a lovely day!

Drew Apples