Sunday, 28 December 2008

34. elkie vanstiphout - 30. lise kyle

The Wrangler Jeans Pact

i come home. and out the spout. really what did she mean? so flipping unfair. i was wailing on the railing(s).

Elkie Vanstiphout is really good today, very much like the old drive, the old drive, going to the place you remember, you talk about sometimes. she doe's photo;s.

I was Floating around the Bins, you Beautiful Girl, I Met you on Holiday in St. Tropez

Lise Kyle is like when you go to a rehearsal and everyone is like 'oh yes, this is what we all must look at, in the corner of the room' but it's not all pianos and grandeur, cattle gates, you can have that. she aldso doe's electronic osund.

more photoe's by Elkie Vansiphout:

by David

Monday, 22 December 2008



many (hopefully) suffer from this problem. i did the maths, and proudly anounced to my sister -- "music has only been around for what, 100 years or something, and jesus christ has been around for like, 2008? so that's only about 1/20th of the time that people have been making christmas music since the world began, and they only make a christmas song, like, one day a year! so that leaves only about 100 songs to choose from!"

it was devestating news for the brain. but it explained why every year we suffer the palindrome, the endless, crushing timewarp of depression that is christmas. -- the jukebox is empty! if everyone spent all their days trying to invent a song that was really awesome, like one note going for the whole song, the best note, that everyone would agree on, then we could just have that as the christmas song. it would be a brown note or something.

Fleet Foxes basically killed all the 'best albums of 2008' lists, so that made me panick. i thought i'd have to buy a teal gillet and do farming or some shit, since that was the only possibility they left for 2009. I admire Scrooge, btu Scrooge was a sellout, he dropped all his valuable capitalist beliefs after a few fucking ghosts had some old pep talks with him!

i was staring at the music channels and trying to work out why suicide rates arent 100%, and i thought, actually the sludgy lead riff in Paul McCartney's' 'Wonderful Christmastime' is fucking great, really muddy and bollocky, like some Scamp pounding on the door with tangy tinsel tits, really zooshy and flappy balls. yeah. so i'm gonna focus on that whilst i cry into my mince pie.

by Paul Jennings

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

"£^^))))))))------to live and shave in l.a.

yummy milk Dino! mum! come home!
n////////////////////////////so i totally just finished this skript for "skins"! i'm a shoo-in to win X9! hopefully. i will win their money.

TO LIVE AND SHAVE IN L.A. are the kind of band (collective really)
that make you go FUCKING HELL. for starters, theyre called To Live & Shave (yes thaths right sirs!) in L.A.??!! its like, here's your check sir, oh there's nothing on it.

but way brilliant it is. Thurston Moore backed and with taglines like "genre is obsolete" and "wildly inaccessible", its the stuff of utter, weird cut up, bit of papier mache left on the side, sorry abotu that, dreams. deadly nitrate burning through the cot. every time. give them a listen.