Sunday, 23 August 2009

A Little on Language

If our generation is good at one thing, it's being good at the language game. Good. For some time, I thought myself and my linguistically fragrant best friends were three of few innovators - innovation, that is, through mangling language in daily usage beyond comprehension. It's like morse code for dead retards. I don't wish to claim any aesthetic superiority over any other pals that refer to eachother by everchanging names, or generate idioms like a tit-tit in a cunt lounge, but what I have learned is that personal language, like the good bits of the internet, is completely user-generated, and is a supersweet way of staying close to your friends.

If you know what I mean then you know what I mean. If you don't, get new friends or buy a book. Language is the cement of identity. I am writing like a retard. Also, I went to Spain for a bit - that's why Mrs. Blog hasn't been updated. It was nice. I'm quite brown, but I feel I was fairly sensible - no bubbling red skin for me - yuk! Anyway, without giving away any specific examples and surrounding the magic of this personal language malarkey and staring it to bits, let's look at some more universal guns:

Obv CRS (Cockney Rhyming Slang) is rife with bored East-end gangsters' jives, but rhyme is great, especially when completely replacing the root - we use a lot of alternatives for 'one' for example. Evolutions include: gun, sun, son, mum, flap, gunt. Tit also always stands in for 'it'.

Obsidian Humour
Black, yah? This functions as a basic ongoing competition (we're boys), whereby morals are, not only erased 100%, but denied existence at any point in time (like in 1984 - if you own the present then you own the past then you own the future or whatever it is). What you end up with, hopefully would make /b/ on 4Chan blush. POR EJEMPLO: Baby P is hilarious, in fact it is vanilla. It was called Baby P, fuck sake. Build from there.

I.E. Creative lockdown shit. Like, hmm, isn't it strange that all the good bands have only 2 words in their bandnames? Why is this? Because it sounds fucking SWEET that's why, I don't fucking know. But it's true that art permeates personal language. The word crystal is superbly sexy because dem bints CRZAL CARSLE had it in their bloody name, so hence Crystal Stilts and Crystal Antlers are also cool. It sounds like I don't mean it but I do. Some aesthetics just work. This kind of stuff that artists do leaks into personal language in the form of film quotes, book references and sing sing the song song. We as a generation do this the most frequently than any other because we're all a bunch of postmodern FAGS.

In summary, we rock the lexicological party and our parents just sat around nodding their heads and wearing pinnys and sepia suits and were seen and not heard. FUCKERS.

I love Gen Y SRS.