Sunday, 28 June 2009

everything goes wrong: speculations about the new viv's record

I'm stoked about the Vivian Girl's newie (set for release in September). Something about the new clarity/ bit more minor quality of the new tracks makes me think Everything Goes Wrong might have a more pronounced Breeders vibe. Personally I'd love more little cryer vox harmonies like in 'Damaged'. I doubt the Vivs would ever get involved with cellos (although who knows?), but I'm thinking clever lyrical snubs, lazier chords and slower tempos.

Also, I coined a new musical term last night - Trog* Rock. I was so pleased with it then, now I'm not so sure...

x Abacus

*yup, troglodyte

Listen ~ Vivian Girls - Damaged

Saturday, 27 June 2009


Hey guys, i just had like a month-long sleep but i'm back with more lo-fi snacks, like...


from Canada. I love the scrangey clutziness of this track. It's like Liars' 'Drum and the Uncomfortable Can' but played in an underpass. Nothing beats scummy chords played with scummy direspect for time signatures.

...also RIP M.J. (I watched Moonwalker today and it made me have a fit. In a good way!)

x Andre 3000

WOMEN - January 8th