Friday, 5 March 2010

hocus tocus

Brighton's Hocus Tocus are a cool find, with their post-Wavves faffing around coalescing into a listenable blend of influences that, like a colour wheel or a number machine, end up equalling purple, as opposed to red.

The breathy, grit-toothed, under-the-mix vocals of 'So Fast' are a sweet contrast to the ice-cream scoops of crunch guitars and ploppy drum samples on top. They've got a a live jam up that sounds excitingly Liarsy, (did anyone get Sisterworld btw?) and there is a kind of lenient compression on their tunes that is just purple, like the purple bit of a pair of white, purple & green nikes that were stored near to the exercise bike in that house*.

Hocus Tocus - So Fast

You know?