Sunday, 21 February 2010

pink playground

Don't know if you noticed the REBRANDING at all. Hopefully I will now attract a higher level of clientele, like Amber Lamps. (Some research is required to understand that whole meta-meme fiasco, unless, like me, you are a hideous geek.)

Houston's Pink Playground are a real find; totally beautyed-out and travelled, seemingly from nowhere, and with a strength of production and control of songwriting that is actually slightly unfair. Their songs are gusts of wind and optimistic change; considered, heavy washes of colour as breathily out-of-body as they are sonically forceful. I'm completely in love with 'Sunny Skies', amongst others: it finds itself diving into a sea of Swirlies rhythms with classic shoegaze vibes.

The Poetry:
Sounds like a girl turning her head away from you, then towards you, superimposed on various overexposed imagery: a bush of carnations at the end of a garden; the sights from the window of a silver Austin Montego (but you never see the car) on the way to an emotionally off-kilter house; eyes.

Pink Playground - Sunny Skies